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Rock Guitar 101

Rock Guitar 101 is a beginners guitar instruction step-by-step guide to rock guitar basics.  Deigned in just 7 simple lessons, it will show you the fundamental concepts needed to get started in the art of rock guitar.  

Learning to play rock guitar is a very personalized journey.  And it is this journey that makes it so fun to learn.  By taking it one step at a time with lessons presented in the most effective manner, you will be able to progress at a very rapid rate.

Playing rock guitar requires the knowledge and skillset of certain elements. Like having the correct guitar and amplifier.  How to get the proper rock sound. Playing the correct type of chords and scales.  Along with knowing how to execute proper rock guitar rhythms and timing.  Which all can be learned in this guitar instruction starter guide.

Customer Testimonials

I bought this book for myself to have an idea of what Guitar was since I know nothing about it, in order to follow my son's guitar lessons. But he stole it from me and loves it. Very easy reading and yet, on point. I like that the book cuts to the chase and delivers what you need to learn guitar. I highly recommend it.

Loved this book, explains how to get started in a simple step by step manner and shows how to progress in an easy way. Contains colored diagrams, pictures and easy to read tabs for quick results. Even has a test in the back to make sure you understand the material presented.

Learn Guitar: Simple method for beginners


Learn Guitar: Simple Method For Beginners

Learn Guitar is a simple comprehensive course for beginners.  Those who want to get started playing guitar and have fun in the process.  No matter if your desire is to learn an electric or acoustic guitar.

This training guide has been specifically designed for the student with no previous musical knowledge.  With lesson plans presented in today's most popular tablature format.  That incorporates simple easy to learn notation for accurate rhythm and timing execution.

With full-color pictures and easy to read diagrams, the novice guitar player will be introduced to essential guitar playing fundamentals.  As well as a practical alternative to the multitude of self instruction books.  With a system of learning that will have you progressing faster than you ever thought possible.

Customer Testimonials

This is the 3rd book I've read by Dwayne Jenkins, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to learn guitar.

Author is very detailed in his knowledge of music.  He has a knack for making the reader generally care about guitar playing.  I look forward to reading more instruction manuals by Dwayne Jenkins.

Rhythm guitar alchemy


Rhythm Guitar Alchemy

Guitar Alchemy is an easy to follow step-by-step method book designed to help you develop the mind and skill-set of secret principles needed to become a great rhythm guitar player.

When it comes to playing guitar, the importance of learning good rhythm techniques should not be overlooked.  Like such concepts as guitar chords, chord diagrams, embellishments, theory, and rhythm construction.

This method book also teaches you how to be well versed in chord progressions, timing sequences and practice habits.  Along with reading chord diagrams and a basic understanding of music theory.  If you need improvement in these areas, this is the book for you.

Lead guitar wizardry volume 1


Lead Guitar Wizardry volume 1

Lead Guitar Wizardry volume 1 is an introductory method book that teaches the techniques, concepts and fundamental principles of how to play lead guitar.  It will get you started on the journey to becoming a lead guitar wizard.  

This book of spells and incantations will provide an essential guide on your journey to becoming a great lead guitarist.  It will show you the secret formulas and scale patterns used by lead guitar wizards to create jaw-dropping guitar solos that capture the listener with magic.

Combine the study of this training manual with a regular daily practice routine, you will begin to develop skills you once thought were beyond your abilities.  Before you know it, you will be casting your own brand of guitar magic that will leave those listening in amazement.

Lead guitar wizardry volume 2


Lead Guitar Wizardry Volume 2

Lead Guitar Wizardry volume 2 continues the secret formulas, spells incantations and musical properties that will increase your musical education and enhance your lead guitar prowess. 

In volume you will learn guitar licks that can be created from the five pentatonic scale patterns.  As well as the seven modes that reside within the major scale and dive into scale modal theory by studying the modes individually and by learning guitar licks that come out of them.

The melodic material presented in this magical grimoire will give you the ability to identify sounds.  You will also develop a better understanding of secret elements and properties that will give you better command over your wizards wand.  Your guitar!